Mya Joy Double Electric Breast Pump

$126.96 $184.00
In Stock

Mya Joy Double Electric Breast Pump

$126.96 $184.00
In Stock

Product Details

  • Hospital strength breast pump 
  • Single or double pump capability 
  • FDA-cleared HygeniKit pump kit 
  • Large, backlit digital display 
  • Portable & battery operated

Features & Benefits

  • Hospital strength performance with two modes of pumping 
  • Small & lightweight with a rechargeable battery, USB charging cord, and convenient wrist lanyard 
  • Wide range of suction and speed settings, functions, and flange sizes 
  • Allows for discreet pumping anywhere by operating at only 45 decibels 
  • A true closed protection system safeguards against backup of milk into the pump or tubing 
  • Offers 6 levels of stimulation and 12 levels of expression
  •  Auto power off after 45 minutes 
  • Option to automatically switch to expression mode after 2 minutes 
  • Up to 150 mmHg of suction strength 
  • Compatible with Ameda's CustomFit Flange System 
  • 2-year limited warranty

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What's Included

  • 1 Ameda Mya Joy Breast Pump 
  • 1 AC power adapter 
  • Dual HygieniKit Milk Collection System 
  • CustomFit Flanges in 25mm, 28mm, and 30.5mm 
  • 4 Extra valves for HygieniKit 
  • 2 Extra diaphragms for HygieniKit 
  • Tote Bag 
  • Cool'N Carry Milk Tote 
  • 6 Milk storage bottles 
  • 3 Ice packs 
  • Manual breast pump 
  • Breast milk storage guidelines 
  • Instructions for Use

Manufacturer Details

  Quantity   (1 x 1.0 EA MIS = 1.0)
  NDC #   99442313140
  Mfg #   131W51
  Mfg Name   AMEDA
  HCPCS   E0603 - Electric breast pump
  Weight   Not available
  Taxable   No

Dual Pumping and Customizable Settings for Enhanced Milk 

Expression The Amdea Mya Joy Double Electric Breast Pump features dual pumping capabilities, allowing mothers to express milk from both breasts simultaneously, saving time and maximizing milk production. The pump offers customizable settings for suction strength and cycle speed, enabling each user to find their preferred pumping rhythm for maximum comfort and milk output. With its gentle yet efficient pumping action, the Amdea Mya Joy Breast Pump stimulates milk flow and promotes adequate milk supply, making it an ideal choice for breastfeeding mothers.

Convenience and Deluxe Accessories for an All-in-One Solution 

The Amdea Mya Joy Breast Pump comes with a large tote bag and deluxe accessories, providing convenience and functionality in one package. The spacious tote bag offers ample room for storing the breast pump, accessories, and personal belongings, making it easy to transport everything needed for pumping sessions. The deluxe accessories include different breast shield sizes, storage bottles, a cooler bag, and a hands-free pumping bra, offering flexibility and versatility to cater to individual preferences. With the all-in-one solution provided by the Amdea Mya Joy Breast Pump and its deluxe accessories, pumping becomes a seamless and hassle-free experience for busy moms.

User-Friendly Features and Portability for On-the-Go Pumping 

The Amdea Mya Joy Double Electric Breast Pump incorporates user-friendly features that enhance ease of use and portability. The pump is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for pumping on the go. It features an intuitive control panel and LCD display, allowing for easy navigation and monitoring of pumping sessions. The pump's quiet motor ensures discreet operation, while its USB rechargeable battery offers flexibility and convenience, eliminating the need for constant power supply. With the Amdea Mya Joy Breast Pump, breastfeeding mothers can pump wherever and whenever they need, ensuring consistent and comfortable milk expression.

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