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Product Details

  • Dramatically increases patient mobility and quality of life. Latex-Free, Sterile
  • Removes hazard of accidental, forcible catheter extraction created by the long tubing connection between catheter and leg- or bed-bag
  • Easily concealed beneath clothing, even short dresses or shorts, thereby greatly increasing social confidence
  • Reduces supply count and cost (no extra tubing, leg straps, special garments, securing tape, carrying satchel)
  • Larger capacity allows fewer changes, increases ease of use and reduces the possibility of introducing external bacteria

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Manufacturer Details

  Quantity   (1 x 10.0 EA MIS = 10.0)
  NDC #   88037910001
  Mfg #   B1000 CASE
  Mfg Name   RUSCH
  HCPCS   A4358 - Urinary leg or abdomen bag
  Weight   Not available
  Taxable   No

Belly bag urinary drainage collection bag, 1000ml. Worn at the waist. Designed for either males or females who have an indwelling foley or superpubic catheter. The bag fastens around the waist by means of a woven belt with a quick release buckle. The belly bag is emptied by means of a drain tube with a twist valve that is in the approximate position of the urethra. Anti-reflux valve. Sterile and Latex free.

Warranty Information

Rusch will replace any products that have defects in materials and workmanship. The defective product must be returned to Rusch prior to the expiration date of the product.


To Attach The Bag:
1.Wash your hands well with warm soapy water, air dry or dry hands with a clean towel.
2.Position the bag on your abdomen until it feels comfortable. The bag may be worn next to the skin or over an undershirt.
3. Wrap the belt around the waist, positioning the buckle at or near the right side. Buckle and adjust the belt until it feels comfortable. Trim excessive length, leaving about a four-inch tail.
4.With clean hands, remove the drain valve from the retainer strap and turn the valve one half turn to the left (counter clockwise) to close.
5.If desired, lift and tuck the drain tube back under the front retainer strap.
6.Check to see that the urine is draining freely from the open end of the catheter. Call your doctor if you observe a flow problem.
7.With your fingers, slide the open end of the indwelling catheter over the tapered end of the connector port, pushing until there is a tight fit. CAUTION: To insure sterility, do not touch the open catheter end or the connector port.
8.When detaching the bag, squeeze (pinch) the belt buckle sides to release.

To Empty The Bag:
Sit down or stand in front of the toilet and hold the drain tube downward. Twist the tube cap to the right (clockwise) until it opens, allowing urine to flow freely from the bag into the toilet. To close, twist the tube cap to the left (counter clockwise).

Warnings and Precautions

1. After emptying the bag, check to see that the urine is flowing freely from the catheter into the bag.

2. Your doctor or nurse may work out a plan with you regarding use and frequency of change. Rusch recommends that the bag be changed every 3-4 weeks unless advised by your doctor to the contrary. Used bags should always be discarded. The bag and belt are disposable and are intended for single use only.

3. Because you have an indwelling catheter, your doctor will want to check you regularly for signs of infection, encrustation of the catheter, and bladder stones. Call your doctor immediately if you develop a fever, cloudy urine, blood or pus in your urine or pain in your back or your flank.

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