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Reference / Calibration Type Plasma equivalent
Control Solution Freestyle
How Calibrated Automatic calibration
Directions for use Insert a FreeStyle Lite Test Strip into the meter until it stops. The meter will power on. The Blood Drop and Test Strip symbols will appear on the display screen. Your meter is no w ready to apply blood sample.Select a test site. There are differences in testing on fingers versus other alternative sites. Use your lancing device to obtain a blood sample. Refe r to the Lancing Device insert for detailed instructions on how to use the FreeStyle Lancing Device. Make sure that the FreeStyle Lite Test Stripis in the meter and the meter is po wered on. (If the meter is off, take out the teststrip and reinsert it into the meter.) You are now ready to apply the blood sample. Bring the FreeStyle Lite Test Strip to the bloo d sample at a slight angle. The FreeStyle Lite Test Strip acts like a sponge and pulls the blood into the strip through the sample area. Do not pull the FreeStyle Lite Test Strip a way until you hear one beep or see the short line moving clockwise on your meter screen. This means you have enough blood and the meter is reading your glucose, If after five secon ds your meter does not show a short line moving around the display screen, the sample may be too small. You may add blood to the same sample area of the test strip from which you s tarted for up to 60 seconds from the time of the first application. The test result is complete when your blood glucose test result is shown on the display screen and you will hear two beeps. On average, your reading will display in five seconds. The time that the meter takes depends on your blood glucose level. The higher your glucose level, the longer it t akes to get a result.
Approved for Finger Stick Testing Yes
Approved for Alternate-site testing Approved Yes, forearm, fingers, upper arm, hand, thigh, or calf.
Sample Size Required (Blood Required to complete test) 0.3 microliter (300 nanoliters)
Time Required for test result average of 5 seconds
Memory/Storage The meter stores the last 400 test readings with time and date. Displays 7, 14, and 30 days averages
Downloadable? Yes. Compatible with the CoPilot™ Health Management System and Precision® Link Direct Diabetes Data Management System.
Precautions and Warnings The FreeStyle Lite System contains small parts that may be dangerous if swallowed. Peritoneal dialysis solutions containing Icodextrin or compounds of Galactose ≥13 mg/dL, Ma ltose ≥20 mg/dL or Lactose ≥10 mg/dL cause the FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System to over estimate blood glucose test results.
Power Source Uses a Lithium CR20-32 3v battery. Please see NDC: 03980006611.
Battery Life The battery provides enough power for the meter to perform about 500 tests
Battery Saving auto shut-off feature Shuts off two minutes after last user action
Size of Meter (Inches) Width 1.57” x Length 2.9” x Depth 0.65”
Weight (Ounces) 1.4 oz. including battery
Temperature Range 40µ to 104µ F (4µ to 40µ C)
Humidity Range 5% to 90% (non-condensing)

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