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Insurance Covered Breast Pumps FAQs

There are many benefits to breastfeeding, for mom and baby. The natural transition of the newborn from the womb to breastfeeding will help to create a unique bond between mother and baby.

The breast milk is very rich in nutrients and antibodies to protect your baby. For most babies - especially premature babies - breast milk is easier to digest than formula. Breastfeeding your baby from birth will aid in proper growth and development. Breastfed infants are less susceptible to illnesses and generally recover from sickness sooner than formula fed babies. The nutritional properties of breast milk also help to enhance cognitive development.

Breastfeeding is also linked to a lower risk of these health problems in women: Type 2 diabetes, Breast cancer, Ovarian cancer and Postpartum depression.

Better Living Now handles contacting both your insurance provider and your physician on your behalf. This usually means your breast pump is shipped to you with minimal or no out-of-pocket expense and arrives at your door timely. We are an In-Network Provider to most US health plans.
See our accepted insurance plans here.

Attention, BlueCross BlueShield Customers: your coverage guidelines will be based on your Host plan's Breast Pump reimbursement guidelines.

This coverage guideline varies by insurance plan. It could be:
1) anytime during your pregnancy,
2) some period of time prior to giving birth, such as 30 to 90 days prior or
3) not until the birth of your child.
The latter is because the appropriate breast pump system could change based on the child and mother's necessity.

Items marked as BLN Preferred are generally covered in full with no premium product out-of-pocket expense.

Manual Breast Pumps
The Purchase of a manual breast pump will be considered medically necessary during pregnancy or within the first 12 months (365 days) following delivery for continuation of breastfeeding. A replacement manual breast pump is considered medically necessary for subsequent pregnancies, for continuation of breastfeeding during pregnancy or within the first 12 months following delivery, if an initial breast pump is broken and out of warranty.

Hospital Grade Breast Pumps
Hospital grade breast pump rentals are considered medically necessary for the period of time when a newborn is detained in the hospital after the mother is discharged, and/or when a newborn has congenital disorders that interfere with feeding (up to 12 months). The purchase of a hospital grade breast pump is never considered medically necessary as they will never require long-term usage.

Electric Breast Pumps
The purchase of an electric breast pump will be considered medically necessary during pregnancy or in the postpartum period (within the first 2 months (60 days) following delivery) for initiation of breastfeeding.
A replacement standard electric breast pump is considered medically necessary for subsequent pregnancies, for initiation of breastfeeding during pregnancy or in the postpartum period (within the first 60 days following delivery), for members who have not received a standard electric breast pump within the previous 3 years or if the initial electric breast pump is broken and out of warranty.

That would be very helpful and expedite your order; however, if needed Better Living Now's New Beginnings Group Customer Care Coordinator will reach out to your doctor during the order verification process on your behalf to obtain the necessary documentation.

This will vary based on your plan, your doctor and what we need to do to ensure you receive the greatest value for your coverage. Once we have everything we need, your order ships same day with delivery within 1 to 8 days.

As an expectant mom, there are a number of things you should consider gathering prior to your baby's arrival. The list below is specific for baby care and breastfeeding. There are many of items you should consider to prepare properly for the arrival of your baby. Speak with your Child Birth Educator for a complete list of items.

In the Hospital/

  • Baby's going home outfit
  • A warm pair of booties/socks for baby
  • A warm blanket especially for cold weather
  • An infant car seat - stop by your local fire department for assistance with installing
  • A warm hat for baby
  • A quality breastpump in the event breastfeeding cannot be initiated for any reason
  • A postpartum support belt

At Home - for breastfeeding/

  • Breastfeeding books and videos - a number of good quality books and videos are available to answer many of your questions right away.
  • The contact number of an IBCLC - a lactation consultant can really help during difficult times
  • At least two nursing bras
  • A breastfeeding pillow to support baby while breastfeeding
  • A rocking chair or glider to make late nights a little easier
  • A nursing foot stool
  • At least two dozen burping cloths - these come in handy for many cleanups
  • A high quality lanolin for ongoing nipple therapy
  • At least four washable bra pads or a good supply of disposable bra pads to keep lactating breasts dry
  • Consider Medela breast shells to help with flat or inverted nipples
  • iBreastfeed app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

At Home - for breast pumping/

  • A quality breast pump - Visit our product selector to determine the best pump for you
  • Breast milk Collection & Storage - Pump & Bags
  • Breast milk Collection & Storage Containers
  • A portable cooler carrier for transporting your breast milk
  • Extra breast shields and breastpump accessory items (vehicle lighter adapter, membranes, valves, etc.)
  • Bags and Wipes

No. Sorry, Breast pumps are non returnable items.

Easy ordering - fast, efficient service.

When you find the breast pump item you want, click the "Add to Cart" button to add the product to your shopping cart. When prompted, click "Bill to Insurance" button to bill to your insurance. Then proceed with check out. During checkout please provide all the information that is indicated as REQUIRED, including, of course, your insurance information.

Search on our website by product description, ndc number, hcpcs code, manufacturer order number and/or manufacturer name.

To search by manufacturer, type in the manufacturer name "Medela," "Ameda," or "Evenflo"

To search by hcpcs code, type in the hcpcs code "E0602" for manual breast pumps, "EO603" for electric breast pumps or "E0604" for hospital grade breast pumps.

Add products to your shopping cart. When prompted, click "Pay Now" button to pay now or the "Bill to Insurance" button to bill to your insurance.

If your order requires a prescription, you will be prompted, "Do you want Better Living Now to contact your physician for prescriptions?" If you have seen your physician in the last month, BLN will call them for new Rx's. If it has been a while, download and print out the order form and go see your physician for prescriptions. If you have a prescription, you can email and image, fax it, or mail it to us.

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Call 1-800-854-5729

Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST
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We will collect all product information and required documentation over the phone and contact your physician for prescribed usage, prescriptions and physician signature if required.

Fax 1-800-654-7515

You can download an Order Form. Please complete this form and either have signed by your doctor or supply a separate doctor's order/prescription.

Note: If you request, we will contact your physician for any required prescriptions. Please make sure we received your fax. You should receive confirmation from our staff by email or phone. If not, please contact us.


Provide product name and/or order numbers. Include prescribed usage, prescriptions and physician signature if required.


Complete the order form and provide product name and/or order numbers. Include prescribed usage, prescriptions and physician signature if required.

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